Coaching Tips - U9/U10


Key Outcomes - Under 9

  • Passing - Passing off both hands
  • Directional (passing backward - running forward)

Ø  Decision making/timing

Ø  2 v 1 against cone or static defender (sympathy of pass, support play)

Ø  Catching a high ball

Key Coaching Factors - Under 9

  • Passer - 2 hands on ball, focus on target area, hands pointing at receiver when ball is released. Move ball across body.
  • Receiver - call for the ball, provide target, eyes on ball [focus]

Key Outcomes - Under 10

  • Passing - develop technique
  • Decision making/timing
  • 2 v 1 - 3 v 1
  • Running from depth
  • Defender coming from inside to out/outside to in
  • Lateral passing under presure (3 v 2 lateral pass pressure) static/slow moving defenders

Key Coaching Factors - Under 10

Continue core of previous factors -

  • Push Pass
  • Arms bent receiving
  • Arms straight passing


Key Outcomes - u9/10

By the end of u9/10 players will be able to:

  • transfer the idea of going forward to score into a contact game.
  • use the side-step, swerve and spin to avoid being tackled.
  • take a tackle safely and in control.
  • control the ball after the tackle - pass it or place it.


Key Coaching Factors -u9/10

Side step

  • Make defender move.
  • Judge the distance from the would-be tackler
  • Plant foot and change direction
  • Accelerate away from defender


  • Make defender move
  • Plant foot and spin across defender
  • Accelerate away from defender

Ball management in the tackle situation

  • Hold ball with 2 hands.
  • Keep ball away from defender
  • Strong grip on the ball

Pass out of tackle

  • Go forward
  • Get as far to the side of the tackler as possible by use of side step, swerve or spin
  • Accelerate in contact
  • Free the arms
  • Support player to react to space created.

Ball Placement

  • Body facing where ball carrier came from
  • Long arm placement
  • Protect the head



Key Outcomes

By the end of the U9's the player will be able to -

Ø  Successfully and safely complete an individual tackle showing the correct technique

Key Coaching Factors

Concentrate on tackle techniques -

  • Head Position
  • Feet in Close
  • Points of Contact
  • Ring of Steel
  • Finishing Position

Key Outcomes

By the end of U10s the player will be able to -

  • Successfully and safely complete an individual tackle showing the correct technique.
  • Having successfully completed a tackle, release ball carrier, regain his feet and contest the breakdown legally.
  • Position self appropriately in relation to the breakdown if the 2nd player to contest for the ball.
  • Understand the defensive responsibilities / options at defending a mini ruck.

Key Coaching Factors

As Key Coaching Factors at U9s.

  • Regain feet, enter tackle from onside position. Assume correct body position whilst contesting.
  • Highlight all offside lines.
  • Introduce positioning in relation to opposition numbers and options and identify attacking / continuity options and how to defend them.